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Head Gardener's Log, January 23rd, 2023

Our newest collaboration with MidMitten Designs goes on sale TOMORROW (Tuesday, January 24th) at noon EST, both in our brick and mortar AND our online store. Read a little more about it below!
Gnomentine's Day Collection

I was fortunate enough that the gnomes of Gnome River decided to share their Valentine's Day custom with me! It turns out that they gift each other with beautiful yarn to make useful, yet delightful, items rather than the traditional flowers or chocolates that us humans commonly give to celebrate. In honor of learning their custom, I created this PINK colorway called Gnomentine! The yarn is literally made with love... I drew hearts on the yarn with five different colors. Our friend Jean of MidMitten Designs got in on the fun as well... she thought the idea of a Gnomentine's Day collection was fun so she whipped up a square knot bag to celebrate! And of course, I can never pass by the opportunity to practice my other creative hobbies, so I made stitch markers and handmade Valentines as well. I hope you enjoy this collection!

The Gnomentine's Collection includes:

  • 1 skein Fancy Gnome from Gnome River Yarns - limited edition base and color!
    • 60% sw merino / 20% silk / 20% nylon; 460 yards per 100g
    • color: Gnomentine
  • 1 mini skein Fancy Gnome from Gnome River Yarns - limited edition base
    • 60% sw merino / 20% silk / 20% nylon; 92 yards per 20g
    • color: Petal Pink (now available on all our bases!)
  • 1 Square Knot Bag from MidMitten Designs - limited edition fabric print
  • 1 dual purpose stitch marker, made by the Head Gardener
  • 1 Valentine, made by the Head Gardener

Recommended Pattern Ideas:
  • Prickly Thorn Cowl by Lindsay Potter
    • use the mini skein for the lace edging
  • Heart Warming Socks by Nicola Furey
    • use the mini for a row or 2 of hearts
  • Knit Your Love by Martina Behm
    • add the mini to your stash or use it to make the following hearts!
  • Palpitation by Hunter Hammerson
    • make all the hearts with both!
  • Heart Amigurumi by Mignon Crochet
    • use both yarns to make hearts
Remember, there are a limited number of kits available and they'll go on sale tomorrow at noon. This is where you can find them online!
Your Head Gardener,
Lindsay Potter


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