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News from The Yarn Garden!

Head Gardener's Log, August 10th, 2020

Make It Monday!

Anything Goes Noro Shawl is an addictive knit, as anyone that has knit mitered squares knows! Each square builds on the side of the previous one, making this a modular knit with no seams. You start with a strip of mitered squares, with the striped garter section picked up along the side. Each strip gets progressively smaller, and the final border is picked up along the entire outside perimeter. The pictured shawl is knit with the Rainbows colorway.

Included in the kit
9 balls of Silk Garden
3 balls of Silk Garden Solo

Anything Goes Shawl Pattern by Svetlana Ford

Anything Goes Shawl Kit

Regular Price: $160.40
Sale Price: $145

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Wool Addicts - new colors!
Three brand new trend colors for the fall/winter season have landed in the Garden for Wool Addicts. You can see the three new colors - classic denim blue, putty, and rusty barn red- on Trust, Air, and Water.

2020 Trend Colors

Browse HERE!

I designed this super simple color-blocked scarf back in February/March using four colors of Trust. It's a free download (find it here) and it's a great opportunity to add some color to your winter wardrobe.

Comfort Scarf
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What's on my Needles
As I grabbed my travel knitting project for the zillionth time this weekend, I decided that calling my perpetual sock-in-progress a "plain vanilla" sock did it no justice. These socks have seen two different sections of a Great Lake, a zoo, countless trips to area parks, a virtual business seminar and several boat rides already this summer. Any time we head out in our car for an adventure, I grab them and stitch away during the trip. So from now on, these will be my adventure socks. My adventure socks will be the project that I grab when my attention needs to be elsewhere but I need to keep my hands busy. When I'm sitting outside with my knitting friends, keeping our distance but still stitching together. When my husband, daughters and I load up in the car for another hike through the nature of Michigan, the socks that I'm stitching will help keep the memory of our adventures alive for the cold months ahead. 

Adventure Socks
(Yarn pictured is stash sock yarn... yes, I have a ton of stash sock yarn. It's addicting. Knitting bag is from the fabulous MidMitten Designs, and it's the Square Knot Bag.)

Happy stitching, my friends. Stay safe and healthy and I look forward to hearing from you!
Lindsay Potter, Head Gardener


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