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News From the Yarn Garden!

Head Gardener's Log

An Introduction!

Hello friends!  This past weekend was an epic Mid Mitten Shop Hop, with stitchers from all over lower Michigan, Indiana and Ohio participating.  I saw so many new, enthusiastic faces and I always love introducing newbies to the Yarn Garden.  I thought maybe a more in depth introduction would be appropriate for this edition of the Head Gardener's Log.  So without further ado, let me introduce myself.

My name is Lindsay Potter, and I am your Head Gardener here at YG (Yarn Garden). I am married to Jason and we have four daughters (Jordyn, Sydney and twins Natalie and Olivia) and three dogs.  Due to the nurturing that these 8 family members require, I am not actually a successful gardener.  Apparently I have a limit for nurturing living things, and it's currently at max capacity.  I took over YG when I was a kid out of college and have been the owner for 12 years!  My favorite thing to knit is whatever is on my needles and I very rarely knit a second sock. My favorite things about my job are the relationships I have cultivated and the community that has grown here.  I always enjoy fixing mistakes in knitting (the harder the better!) and I can usually be bribed to do so with coffee and/or a good cinnamon roll.

(yes, that is me getting a kiss from my goat friend, Lilith.  She came to visit one Tuesday night, and it was one of my favorite knit nights ever!)


Feature Friday
Did you know that I film a live video on Facebook every Friday at 11:00a, called Feature Friday?  I open boxes of beautiful new yarns, talk about upcoming events, or feature new shop models and projects during this time.  The more you engage with me and comment on the video, the more fun I have.  I love seeing names come up and it's so fun to be able to say hi! If you don't follow YG on Facebook, you can click here to go right to my Page.  Give me a "Like" and make sure you have the notifications turned on.  Not on Facebook?  You can still view the video, just click on this link!

What's on Lindsay's Needles
Since I've taken on the role of designer for the Seed Club patterns, I usually have design ideas on the needles.  And since those projects are secrets until the first of the month, I have to something else on the needles to knit while here.  You've probably seen me working on Sawyer, a fun lace poncho/sweater out of Kelbourne Woolens Scout (click here for a Ravelry link).  I just have one sleeve to go! 

I did, however, cast on for another sweater this week.  Using an absolutely amazing fiber blend from AJHC Wools, I cast on for the Party Top by AbbyeKnits (click here for a Ravelry link).  I cannot wait to share this yarn with you... look for it later this fall!

Thank you to all of you that participated in the Mid-Mitten Shop Hop.  All of us appreciate the love and support from our local stitching community... we're lucky to have you!  I hope to see you soon, in store or on social media. 

Happy Stitching!
Lindsay Potter, Head Gardener

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