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RAV101: Get Organized with Ravelry! - CLASS IS FULL

Do you have a pile of WIPs with no idea where you are in the pattern? Or maybe you forgot what needle size or hook you were using when you started a project. Maybe you like the idea of a record of the projects you've made? Do you love scrolling through Ravelry, enjoying all the amazing projects? Or maybe you read and use the notes from other knitters and crocheters that have made a project you're thinking about making? Have you ever stopped and considered how that content gets there? It's from makers like you!

This free class will be held via Zoom on Thursday, February 16th at 7:00pm. Karen Collins will show us the benefits to tracking and organizing your projects on Ravelry and will walk us through the process to create that content ourselves.
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Open to all skill levels! This will benefit anyone that knits or crochets and uses Ravelry.
You do need to sign up with a valid email address, even though there is no charge for the instruction. The information to access the Zoom meeting will be emailed on the day of the class. We do suggest that you have the ability to take notes (so either pen/paper or digital note taking) to help you remember details!
Instructor Name:
Karen Collins

RAV101: Get Organized with Ravelry! - CLASS IS FULL

free via Zoom!

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