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KC1: Knit Companion: What can it do?

Have you heard people talking about KnitCompanion or KC? Is this a person or an App? It is both!
Karen Collins (KC) will be teaching a class on KnitCompanion.

This 2-hour, hands-on class is designed for those who want to try the free version of the popular app KnitCompanion, using either the Android or iOS platform. Follow along in person on the large screen as Karen demonstrates some of the capabilities, and learn to set things up on your own device.

Topics include how to:
  • link your Ravelry and/or Dropbox accounts and why,
  • set up a basic knit or crochet pattern,
  • use the tools available in the free version.

There will also be a preview of functions available in the upgraded version (last 5 minutes only), as well as an opportunity to ask questions!

Skill Level:
Skill Details:
No skills required, just a desire to learn more about how technology can help us in our crafting!
~One device running either Android or iOS platforms (options include iPad, Android tablets, and laptops. Phones are usable but not preferred because of size). ~Prior to class you must log in and create an account with KnitCompanion. Please bring this login information as well as your Ravelry and/or Dropbox (we are happy to help with this before the day of the class). ~A pen if you want to take notes (a handout will be provided). ~A willingness to open your mind to a host of options that will blow your mind and save you time (and money... no paper or expensive ink to buy!) so you can spend more time knitting!
Instructor Name:
Karen Collins

KC1: Knit Companion: What can it do?

$ 35.00

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