Did you know there is an entire convention dedicated to the love of yarn?  (There is. It’s called Stitches Midwest, and it involves a huge marketplace, classes, and general hoopla).

Did you know it’s just a few hours away? (Again, true.  It’s in Schaumburg, IL, just outside of Chicago.) 

Hate the idea of driving through Chicago traffic? (I do. Then you have to park, and walk a zillion miles to the convention center.  The way in isn’t so bad… it’s the way out that’s hard, with your hands full of all the stash enhancements you’ve purchased). 

Love the idea of making memories with your favorite stitching friends (or making new ones), being a part of something exciting, and getting inspired to create beautiful things?

Well, you’re in luck!!  YG is hosting their annual bus trip to Stitches once again, on Friday, August 3rd.  We’ll be leaving from a Park ‘n’ Ride here in Charlotte, and making a stop in Kalamazoo to pick up additional friends along the way.

Date: Friday, August 3rd 
Time: Leaving Charlotte at 7:00a with a stop in Kalamazoo around 8:00a and returning late (midnight or after) 
Where to hitch a ride: Park & Ride, Tully Brown Dr off of Exit 61 in Charlotte OR the Park & Ride at the Oakland Dr exit off I-94, in the Battle Creek/Kalamazoo area
What you should bring: yourself, a knitting project (or two, or three) to work on during travel, snacks/beverages for the bus, ability to resist temptation (or not!!)

For more information on the convention, please go to the following website: 


You will have the time to take an afternoon class, if desired!